Lisa Blahnik


Guacamole is so easy to make, so good for you and adds an extra kick to any dish…remember to make extra and use throughout the week.

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Miso Grilled Vegetables

Never cooked with miso? This tangy dressing will quickly become one of your favorites; not only does it taste good, but is good for you. Miso is considered a complete protein and restores beneficial probiotics to your body. Add some crumbled feta cheese for additional richness and protein.

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Chicken & Vegetable Pasta

This recipe begs you to use the fresh veggies from your garden or local farmers market…quick, easy and ohhh so delicious! Make a double batch to ensure you’ll have leftovers.

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Petite Frittatas

On Father’s Day I made these petite frittatas for our family brunch…they are so easy and extremely delicious that even our 4 year niece and 2 year old nephew ate them up!  Try this recipe and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Sesame-Ginger Salmon with a Twist

This recipe may look time consuming but it is a favorite at our home…added benefit,  no need to dirty a bunch of pots or pans. Save some time and prep the day prior, so when you’re ready to cook, all that’s needed is assemble.

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Berry Iced Tea

Serve this refreshing and fragrant beverage instead of kool-aid or sugary beverages for your kids. Using fresh fruit adds incredible flavor and nutrients.

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