KneeSpa™ is Revolutionizing Rapid, Reliable Knee Pain Relief

Offer the best in knee therapy in your clinic today!
  • Improve your knee care results
  •  Positively impact your practice by 20%-40% or more
  • Successfully treat new cases
  •  Potentially negate knee surgery or opioid treatments

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KneeSpa Rapid Reliable Knee Pain Relief

KneeSpa™ DRX

  • Integrative knee therapy 
  • Reduce pain and increase function
  • Electro-hydraulic System
  • 10-20 Minute Treatments
  • Effective and Affordable

The benefits of adding KneeSpa™ to your clinic

  •  Fosters Imbibition: KneeSpa uniquely creates an environment of imbibition that helps tissue absorb and become saturated with cells, particles, liquids, gasses, light, heat & cold. Clinical use points to better absorption of injectables. 
  •  Treatment Versatility: Provide care to a wider variety of patients in ways you never could before. Offer KneeSpa™ as an addition to your current care plans or an individual treatment option for new and existing cases.
  • Patient Volume: Treatments can be done in 10-20 minutes. With the proper training, licensed clinical staff can safely perform treatments. 
  • Local Advantage: Have the ability to offer your community with care and services that other local clinics can not.
  • Comprehensive Training: With 17 years of clinical knee treatments, we have developed a comprehensive training program with proven results that fast track your success, and your results with this new technology.
  • External Marketing: We assist providers with our proven six-figure marketing strategies that have helped doctors across the US generate new patients and scale their businesses with KneeSpa.

Common Treatment Uses

Utilizing KneeSpa can help in the rapid and reliable treatment of chronic and acute knee pain caused by
  • Osteoarthritis
  •  Post Op Recovery
  •  Stiffness & Swelling
  • Reduced Range of Motion
  • Loss of Mobility
  • Ligament & Tendonopathy
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Bursitis & More 

Become a Founding KneeSpa™ Provider

You may qualify for a reduced franchise fee by participating in our nationwide clinical trial

Here's How Providers can Get Started with KneeSpa™


Click the button below and register for the KneeSpa Getting Started Video for Providers. The video will go through the basics of KneeSpa and how providers nationwide are adding Rapid, Reliable Knee Pain Relief™ to their practice


The application process for providers consists of checking for desired ZIP code availability and provider credentialing. Each KneeSpa franchise includes a protected area for you to operate. KneeSpa must be operated by a medically licensed provider


We'll ship your KneeSpa Rapid, Reliable Knee Pain Relief system to your clinic for easy setup. You'll be connected with KneeSpa support to make sure you have access to the training necessary to certify as a KneeSpa provider.


Because KneeSpa is currently in a beta phase, select founding providers may have the opportunity to receive a franchise fee discount when they choose to participate in our clinical trials program. Add KneeSpa for as low as $250 per month!

Next Steps for Providers

The KneeSpa™ Difference

Our patients opt for this treatment for a number of reasons. Perhaps they have grown tired of chronic knee pain and have explored every “traditional” medical option. 

They might want to do anything to avoid surgery and other invasive procedures. They may simply be looking for a way to extend the life and pain free usage of their knee. Whatever the other factors, the main reason is this: it works.

The KneeSpa Rapid, Reliable Knee Pain Relief protocol focuses on non surgical, non invasive, non opioid treatments that don’t use harmful Cortisone or Steroid use.

KneeSpa combines Decompression, Vibration, Traction, and Infrared treatments into one device. 

About KneeSpa Practitioners

KneeSpa was created to provide Rapid, Reliable Knee Pain Relief from the frustration of the lack of thorough knee pain treatments and devices available on the market. 

KneeSpa creates the optimal environment for imbibition; the absorption of cells, particulates, liquids, gasses, light, heat & cold. When used in conjunction with integrative medicine procedures, clinical use suggests better patient results.